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Adventsinterview: AMY LANE (Englisch)

Ich freue mich riesig, dass Amy Lane sich die Zeit genommen hat uns ein Interview zu geben! Aus Zeitmangel werde ich es allerdings nur im Original posten können (Wer mag darf den Text gern durch einen Übersetzungsgenerator jagen, das ist dann zwar ein verschwurbeltes Deutsch aber man bekommt den Sinn schon mit). Sorry, aber das liegt am Vorweihnachtsstress!

Wie ich einen Tag nach Veröffentlichung des Interviews erfahren habe, gibt es bereits zwei Übersetzungen von ihr bei Kindle: HIER und HIER

Hi Amy! So great to have you here. You write gay romance books. My impression is, m/m romances are so much more angsty and intense than f/m romances sometimes. Would you agree? And if, why do you think is that? 

I do agree--and I think the conflict stems from a couple of places.
In the first place, men aren't socialized to be communicators. In an m/m romance, no matter what the personalities involved, we are going to run into this basic conflict of, whatever pain a hero has, he's not going to be big on sharing. That creates a tremendous amount of angst in itself. Add in the fact that very often the relationship is going to run into external or social conflict--well, that's some more right there.

From a literary standpoint, most m/m books come down to a clash of archetypes. In literature, different archetypes have different agendas--and those agendas are vast and global. Male archetypes usually come down to "save the baby or save the world" kinds of conflicts--large, global ideas--and add to that your lack of communication and a man's socialization not to be verbal or vulnerable, and, well-- angst!

Of all your books, which one is your most beloved one for you personally, and why?

Vulnerable, because it was my first, Bitter Moon II, because it was my hardest, Truth in the Dark, because it was the one that forced me to acknowledge my profession as a writer and be proud of it, and Keeping Promise Rock and Making Promises, because those were my first full length contemporaries, and it's where I really learned to love that genre.

If you could choose to spend Christmas together with your characters, who would that be and how would you celebrate?

I'd probably be with the gang at Green's Hill, because it's urban fantasy, and there's an entire army of sprites and such to cook and do clean up. Seriously. It's the most exhausting part of Christmas--I'd love to have little creatures who think it's fun take care of it all.

How do you celebrate the Holidays in real life?

Usually we do the split-family juggle. My dad and stepmom have a big to-do, my mom's family has a big to-do, and my own family has their own to-do, and we spend an awful lot of time driving between the three.

Many m/m romance writers are female. Do you have contact to your male colleagues who write in the same genre? And do you know what they think about all the lady-colleagues? Is there any tension or something like a „what do they know“ attitude?

Most of my male colleagues are very respectful. I meet them, have lunch, talk with them online and at conventions, and so far, no one's asked me what a large squishy soccer mom is doing writing about lean hardbodies doing the thang. I've gotten maybe two reviews that call me a dilletante and say I have no business doing it. (One of the reviews is on amazon, but it doesn't look as though the author of the review read the book at all.) For the most part, though, my policy has always been, "I don't write gay people, I write people,", and I think readers appreciate it.

Do you plan on more books in the „Johnnies“-world? I must confess, I kind of count on you writing Ethans story ... if not, I might cry! ;) 

Yes-- absolutely. Ethan's story, John's story, and a final story from Tommy's POV--all of them are being planned.

*ooooohhhhhh .....happydance *

What is your next writing project?

Well, I'm currently working on Bolt Hole, a story that tackles race (and which I'm really anxious about getting right), Forever Promised, which is the final book in the Keeping Promise Rock series, and City Mouse, which is the sequel to the story I wrote with Aleks Voinov last year :-)

Thank you Amy for this great Interview! We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

eure Cleopatra


  1. Anonym17:53:00

    Kleiner Hinweis: "Talker", Band 1 und "The Locker Room" (Aufs Spiel gesetzt) sind bereits übersetzt und als e-Book erhältlich

    1. Oh!!! Vielen Dank für diese (für mich) News!! Das ist ja prima! Na dann muss ich oben mal umändern! :)

  2. Yeah!! She is the best. Für diejenigen die gerne Hörbücher hören, Promises Bücher, Locker Room, Talker, Clear Water and Solid Core of Alpha sind auch als Hörbücher erhhältlic- super um Hausarbeit und Lesen miteinander zu verbinden. Die Erzähler sind sehr gut.

    1. Gut zu wissen! Danke für den Tipp! Locker Room und die Promises Bücher habe ich schon auf dem Kindle ;)

  3. Juhuu, es gibt eine Fortsetzung der Promise-Rock-Reihe! *Freu* Aber natürlich freue ich mich auch auf die weiteren Bücher aus "Johnnie's World". ;-))

    Vielen Dank für das tolle Interview, Cleo!

    1. Gerne Fussel! Amy Lane ist nicht nur eine extrem tolle Autorin, sie ist obendrein noch eine ganz liebe und extrem nette Person.
      Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  4. Ok, das wichtigste zuerst: *notiert "Forever Promised" auf Wunschzettel*
    Wow, da bin ich froh, damit habe ich gar nicht gerechnet. Schönes Interview, vielen Dank, Cleo!

    1. Freut mich, dass ihr euch auch so freut wie wir :) Der eMail Austausch mit ihr hat riesen Spaß gemacht. Mir war vor dem Interview gar nicht so richtig bewusst, wie viel man noch von Amy lesen kann! *freu*
      Frohes Fest!


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