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Ohoho!!! Neues von Suz Brockmann!! Reluctand Heroes

Passend zu meinem letzten Posting (siehe hier) kam heute der neue Newsletter von Suzanne Brockmann eingetrudelt!

Momentan macht sie Werbung für ihre Anthologie, HEADED FOR TROUBLE, die für mich relativ uninteressant ist, weil ich 90% der Kurzgeschichten bereits kenne, da diese in den alten Ausgaben als goodies hintendran hingen, oder in Sonderheftchen vergeben wurden, und die habe ich mir damals alle geangelt.

In ihrem NL erzhält sie nochmal ein bisschen über die Troubleshooters; (für alle Nichtenglischsprecher habe ich eine kleine Zusammenfassung gewagt)

SUZANNE BROCKMANN: "Just about fourteen years ago, I sat down and outlined THE UNSUNG HERO, the first installment in what was to become my Troubleshooters series about Navy SEAL Team Sixteen.

All those years and sixteen full-length (sometimes extremely full-length) novels later, these books are still being discovered by new readers -- and/or re-read for the umpteenth time by longtime friends of the series! Either way, I'm grateful for the continued love both for the books and the characters who people the Troubleshooters 'verse. Whether it's Sam or Izzy or Jules or Sam or Max or Robin or Sam or Kenny -- I love these guys, and I'm always happy to hear from readers who love them, too.
And I tease about Sam (I do hear from quite a few readers who have something of a Thing for the one-and-only Sam Starrett, and I admit that I'm smitten, too), but really it's Jules Cassidy who makes me verklempt with love and pride.
Throughout these many years, I've gotten the most email (from tens of thousands of you) about Jules. To be sure, dear readers, you have helped Jules and me in our quest to change the world. Because if you hadn't loved Jules, too, and clamored to see more of him in the TS series, I never would have been able to give him the romantic story arc that started in HOT TARGET, and ended (so to speak, because IMO commitment marks the beginning of a story, not the end) with Jules and Robin's wedding in ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT -- the first mainstream contemporary romance novel with a hero and a hero to hit the New York Times hardcover bestseller list. (And kicked down the door for many other mainstream romance novelists do the same. I welcome them all with open arms!)
But more important than any bestseller lists was the message that so many readers received from reading Jules & Robin's story: That love is love, and that love is a beautiful gift, worthy of celebration. Many of you have believed that from the start, but some learned it along the way -- and I thank each and every one of you for your willingness to be open and accepting and kind.

Through the years, it's been impossible to keep up with all of the Troubleshooters characters. In fact, each time I sit down to write a TS book, the hardest question I'm faced with is "Which popular characters must I bench for this book?" Because not every character can appear in every book. Can you imagine? The sixteenth book, Izzy's book, BREAKING THE RULES, was already huge. It clocked in at close to 160K words. (The average romantic suspense novel is around 100K.) If I'd included every single character from the previous fifteen novels (that's thirty people, with just the heroes and heroines alone), this book would've been impossibly long. In fact, you'd still be reading it.
OK. Not really. In fact, some of you read impossibly fast. It always blows my mind when, on the day that a new book comes out, I wake up to find emails from readers saying essentially, "Got it, read it, loved it, what's next?"
Seriously, I love it. I do. But it takes me months and months and MONTHS and months to write a book, and it takes waaaaaay less than that for you to read it.
And then there're the emails from readers saying, "Got it, read it, loved it, but, hey, I was disappointed that you didn't include (INSERT FAVORITE TS CHARACTER HERE) in the book."
Yeah. So.
Truth is, I have my own personal favorites when it comes to my characters (Jules, Robin, Sam . . .), and if there's not a real, solid reason to include them in any given book, well, as much as I love them, they don't show up in the book.
About halfway into the series, around the publication date of INTO THE STORM (TS book #10), we (Ballantine Books and I) started creating what I called "Extra Booklets." Starting with my "Reader's Guide to the Troubleshooters Series," these were published (and also available in a massive PDF) for hardcore fans of these books and characters.
About that same time, I started writing short stories. The first was "Sam and Alyssa Meet the Dentist," and it appeared in the back of the hardcover edition of FLASHPOINT. Other shorts quickly followed, as I discovered I loved writing them and touching base with these characters that I adored.
And somewhere, sometime over the past few years, readers started tugging at my sleeve, requesting an anthology -- a collection of all these short stories, under one cover.
My editor, Shauna Summers, liked the idea. Especially when we decided that the anthology should include something absolutely, completely new. So I wrote the Part II HEA ending to Boston Globe report Jack Lloyd and Army reservist Arlene Schroeder's story, "Home is Where the Heart Is," (Part I first appeared in the INTO THE FIRE Extras booklet), and a brand, spanking new novella called "A SEAL and Three Babies."
(And yes, the SEAL is former SEAL Sam Starrett, of course. And the story includes liberal helpings of both Robin and Jules, as well as Alyssa and Max and Gina. It was unbelievably fun to write -- I hope you enjoy reading it!)
I also included, in HEADED FOR TROUBLE, the glossary of SEAL terminology first printed in my "Reader's Guide," as well as a Troubleshooters series timeline. This timeline includes brief descriptions of all of the sixteen novels in the series. I did this, because I know that some of you remember books by their characters and not by their titles, so THE UNSUNG HERO is essentially meaningless, unless the timeline is presented like this:

When Frank Met Rosie
Timeframe: Thanksgiving Day
Hero: Navy SEAL Chief Frank O'Leary
Heroine: Rosie Marchado

1. The Unsung Hero
Timeframe: August
First published: June 2000
Hero: Navy SEAL Lt. Tom Paoletti
Heroine: Dr. Kelly Ashton
Storyline: A SEAL recovering from a head injury spots a believed-to-be-dead terrorist in a quiet little New England town.
Secondary Romance: Tom's niece Mallory Paoletti and comic book artist David Sullivan
World War II Subplot: Resistance in Nazi-occupied France, a love triangle between Charles, Joe, and Cybele.

See how that works?
The novels in the series are numbered, and the description includes plot info. The stories include title and main characters only -- we didn't want to give away any plot info upfront, figuring you could flip through the book to remind yourself of the stories within.
The timeline goes on to list all of the books and stories that are set during 2001, then 2002, and so on and so forth, right up to the present day.
Handy for those in the umpteenth re-read. (Which still astonishes me. I am honored and humbled at the idea of someone spending all that time reading my books once, let alone twice or more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!)
So okay.
HEADED FOR TROUBLE is available in paperback, in all ebook formats from Ballantine Books, and in audiobook (CD, MP3 and download) from Brilliance Audio. And yes, Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank are the audiobook readers. I think you'll enjoy their performance

Vor 14 Jahren fing sie an THE UNSUNG HERO (TÖDLICHER HINTERHALT, Lyx 2014) und die TS-Serie zu schreiben und immernoch entdecken die Leser die Serie neu für sich, oder machen einen re-read nach dem anderen. Nach jedem Buch haben die Leser nach ihren Lieblingen der Serie gefragt, und da sie nicht alle Figuren in jedem Buch mitmachen lassen und erwähnen konnte - das hätte es zu sehr aufgebläht - hat sie immer mal wieder Kurzgeschichten mit Einblicken in das Leben der anderen, schon mit Happy End versorgten, Figuren geschrieben und veröffentlicht. Also hat man entschieden diese Kurzgeschichten jetzt sinnvoll sortiert und mit einer Timeline versehen als Buch zu veröffentlichen. Ich kauf das nicht, da meine hardcore-Suz-Fan-Hysterie überwunden ist ;) und ich die Stories ja schon kenne, aber vllt. ist das für Neuleser der Serie ja ein ein schönes Schmankerl. Sie erwähnt auch kurz ihre Dankbarkeit darüber, dass das Buch über die Hochzeit von Jules und Robin als erstes mainstream m/m Hardcover die NY Times Bestsellerliste gestürmt hatte seinerzeit und damit den m/m Boom in den USA ausgelöst bzw. dem Genre den Weg geebnet hat (das Thema hatte wir hier im Blog ja auch neulich) Das Thema liegt ihr halt auch besonders am Herzen.

Was mich viel mehr freut, ist, dass sie wieder zurück zu sein scheint. Ihre komische letzte Serie (siehe hier) ging so gaaar nicht an mich, und die uralten Silhouettes die noch vor Team 10 (auf Deutsch bei Cora/Mira erschienen) erschienen sind, sind schon etwas angestaubt. Somit trug ich die ganze Zeit meine Liebe zu Team 16 (und vor allem Charakter Ken -Kenny WildCard- Karmody!!! *schmelz* Buch 4 ;) ) in meinem Herzen :)

Aber nun hat sie wohl wieder was geschrieben, was mich anspricht und ich freu mich riiiesig!!!

coole ROMANTIC SUSPENSE!!! yeah!!! Kein para, und noch viel besser: keine jugendlichen Helden!!  YES!!!! Pure Suz! und ein "Han-Solo-type-of-hero" OMG! :D Voraussichtlich Februar 2014 und hier ist das Cover! (ich glaube ja fast das ist der gleiche Typ wie auf HEADED FOR TROUBLE, oder? schaut euch mal den Mund an? und auch wenn man Tattoos fotoshoppen kann, das hier ist auch das gleiche ... hmmmm ;))

Und HIER kann man schon eine Leseprobe lesen! Sie sagt dazu:

"I’ve always had soft spot in my heart for the Han Solo-type. The guy who shows up a little bleary-eyed and scruffy. The guy who sighs and says things like, “I got a bad feeling about this,” and “Do I really have to?” before rushing to the rescue and saving the day.
He’s not your typical Navy SEAL. Nor is he your typical Troubleshooter.
He’s the guy who pretends he’d rather walk away. The guy who gets involved with the rescue of two little kidnapped children only because he has to—because he’s essentially blackmailed into helping. Or so he claims.
It’s fun to watch his head explode as he meets his match in a smart, funny heroine who sees beneath his facade and stands up to him every step of the journey.
So, with that introduction, meet the reluctant hero of Do or Die, former Navy SEAL (and alleged international jewel thief) Ian Dunn, as he spars with his new lawyer, Phoebe Kruger.
He may seem to have the upper hand. But we all know that he doesn’t stand a chance. And when push comes to shove, like all reluctant heroes, he’ll always do the right thing. He has to—being a hero is in his DNA. But that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna get noisy . . ."

Ich bin hocherfreut und kanns kaum abwarten! Ich hoffe sie hat zu ihrer alten Form zurückgefunden, und da dies eine Trilogie werden soll (Reluctand Heroes) erwarte ich 3 x hochkarätigen Lesespaß! Und sollten die Troubleshooters auf Deutsch gut ankommen, steht einer Überseztzung bestimmt auch nichts im Wege. Ich hoffes es jedenfalls für alle Nicht-Original-Leser.

eure Cleopatra

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